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It was developed by Spike. The characters were designed by Ikuei and Tsuyoshi. The game was rated T for Blood. It was the first game released under the "Yuuyami Doori" moniker. Story: Adventure Story Alice and Luigi are twin sisters who are on a quest for a mysterious village where they were born. The village, which is heavily protected by a gate, is defended by soldiers who refuse to let anyone through the gate. The twins have no clue about the true meaning of the village or who they are. Their quest is guided by the elder, Martha who is searching for her brother. Luigi and Alice pass through many places of various weather and climates, when they discover something very disturbing. There are so many soldiers on the village that it becomes clear the village is not under the care of its original owners. What awaits the twins is a very daunting and evil, but their lives are in danger. Plot(s): Adventure Plot Luigi and Alice enter the world of the unknown and do everything they can to see the end of their journey. Luigi and Alice do have the complete intention of bringing their life back to normal, but along the way their journey is cut short when they are attacked by a soldier. The twins become trapped on the other side of the city walls. The elder, Martha has a brother who has been captured by the same guards that are trying to stop the twins. The twins fight off the soldier's assault. The twins infiltrate the village and see a number of soldiers. The elder, Martha notices the twins and gives them their hands. This grants them the freedom of movement throughout the village. Luigi and Alice encounter a villager who is out to kill all the soldiers. The villager is a member of the same group that the elder, Martha belongs to. The twins encounter a villager who gives them some clue about their village and their true identity. The twins encounter a few more members of the villager group. The twins meet with the elder, Martha and together they go to the village library. The elder, Martha takes them to the corner where her brother is being kept. She explains to the twins that her brother is the one who created the mystery village and the ones who are protecting it are the guards. The elder, Martha tells the twins to search the village and find what is hidden.



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