Statement from Randy Pace, past Chair of Knox County Republican Party

Once again, the local print media gives the weekly gossip columnist a platform from which to attack and malign the good works of the Knox County Republican Party and their many conservative volunteers.

In what can only be attributed to a fading political career or desperation to remain relevant in a woke world, The Shopper News headliner demonstrates his lack of a basic understanding of the true nature and function of political parties not unlike the requirements to run for political office or the rules relating to political activity by elected officials as it relates to public employees. He now regales the public with falsehoods. Frankly, if someone didn’t provide him the information second-hand, in anonymous notes, or if he didn’t catch it through a rumor circulated by Democrats, or a disgruntled democrat incumbent challenged in a primary, he would not have a source. It seems that has never stopped him from making things up in the past, and I can only imagine so long as the local print med