Publisher's Position 4/12/2021

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By Steve Hunley

Some Time Republican

Former Knoxville mayor Victor Ashe has openly called for a primary challenger to oppose County Commissioner Kyle Ward. As I recall, Ward defeated a well-heeled primary challenger in Scott Broyles. In fact, Broyles was the choice of the establishment Republicans inside the Fourth District. I’d be willing to bet Ashe supported Broyles, if the former mayor voted in the Republican primary. Ward not only beat the favorite candidate of the country club set, but pretty much kicked his butt. The first person Ashe suggested as a challenger to Ward was Marlene Davis, who is a Democrat.

Victor has a lengthy history of not supporting fellow Republicans and picking at Kyle Ward over the Board of Health isn’t likely to be a winning issue with a majority of the GOP. And nobody deserves more credit for increasing the Democrat vote inside the Fourth District than Victor Ashe.

By the time Kyle Ward comes up for reelection in 2024 the Knox County Board of Health “issue” will be moldering in its grave. And who are the folks shrieking about the county commission dissolving the Board of Health? By and large, they are partisan Democrats.