Knox County GOP Reports Historic Rise In Donations

KNOXVILLE - The Knox County Republican Party filed it's 2021 mid-year supplemental financial disclosure report and it speaks volumes. Knox County Republicans raised $27,193.80 with an ending balance of $48,866.09, and that number has substantially grown since reporting day. "The facts speak for themselves and numbers don't lie - Knox County Republicans are excited for a party that's ready to be on offense, not defense" said Republican Chairman Daniel Herrera. "Our members are fired up for the Knoxville city council races and our party will continue to be involved until the last vote is counted." To put those numbers in perspective, that’s a 45% larger ending balance than 2 years ago, a six times larger ending balance than 14 years ago, and the 2nd largest amount raised during the same reporting period in the last 14 years. "We are growing stronger every single day, make no mistake about it," said Herrera.

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