Knox Focus: Publisher's Position 3/14/2021

Updated: Mar 24

By Steve Hunley Local Democrats were quick to squall over the election of Daniel Herrera as chairman of the Knox County Republican Party. When was the last time the Knox County Democratic Party elected a young Hispanic as the local leader of their own party? It was the 12th of Never. The Democrats put out a press release claiming Knox County Republicans “had decided to double-down on Trumpism, right-wing rhetoric and losing policies.” Really? Donald Trump carried Knox County with 56% of the vote and if we want to discuss rhetoric, let’s talk about the kind of talk Democrats like, which has less to do with Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy than left-wing nut cases like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that elderly Communist Bernie Sanders. As to losing policies, your election steal bill and killing of jobs for Americans will surely prove to be a losing issue in 2022. Nor will your widening of the welfare state likely meet the approval of hardworking Americans. The Knox County Democrats proclaimed themselves a “big tent party” which will come as news to former State Representative John DeBerry who was thrown off the ballot because he was opposed to abortion and voted for vouchers to give Black children better educational opportunities. The local Democrats claim they are for “competent, effective, honest and fair government.” Really? Does the orgy of spending and hiding Joe Biden in the basement of the White House meet that criteria? I don’t think so. Local Democrats claim in their press release to have gained “14 points county-wide over Republicans.” We’ve heard that before, for instance in the congressional races between Tim Burchett and Rene Hoyos. Last time Hoyos claimed polls showed she and Burchett were in a dead heat. Never happened. Hoyos won 34% of the vote in 2018 and 33% in 2020. Does that sound like a gain to you? It must be that Democrat math at work, probably taught by a member of the teachers’ union. Local Democrats claim Republicans have been leaving the GOP in droves. What evidence is there to support this particular claim? They cite “prominent” Republicans like former election administrator Cliff Rodgers. That’s like saying a movie extra in Star Wars is as prominent as Harrison Ford. Local Democrats flung the accusation K